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Community Programs We’re Involved With

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There are several activities produced each year with the Green Committee of Villa Blanca and the local communities in San Ramon. Invited to participate are some of the vendors the hotel works with as well as many hotel guests who volunteer to donate $2.00 per night on their room charges to help support the many causes represented primarily in education with themes tied into sustainable practices. Last year alone 4 primary schools benefited with the program that included building repairs and also workshops by students to the hotel to tour the nature trails and visit the research station.

One typical example of a community activity was performed last December 10th, 2012, which was attended by five people representing Pampa group, a local wine distributor, and 8 representatives of  Villa Blanca, who joined in support of the children’s orphanage of Hogarcito located in Santiago de San Ramon. The project was comprised in two phases. The first took place on Friday, December 7th, in which the maintenance colleagues from the hotel went to the site to make the physical change of the roofing that was in bad condition to have it ready for painting during the second phase of activity.

Also on the same day, they gave the kids a trip to the Villa Blanca Hotel, who also provided them with transportation, a snack, they scheduled a movie at the theater, and workshop on conservation plus were given lunch. The purpose was to give the children unforgettable moments in the cloud forest, where our priority and goal were to achieve a positive experience before heading back to the orphanage to find the improvements.

As part of the program, the children planted trees, the species Encino oak, that is native and will bring great benefits to the cloud forest. In this way they created awareness about the importance of reforestation to achieve a perfect balance between humanity and the planet.

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