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Regulation of Public Use for National and Private Protected Areas

Villa Blanca Hotel and Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve

The Costa Rican National Parks Law N 6084 in its Article #8 states that within national parks, visitors are prohibited of the following:

1) Cut down trees and extract plants or other forest products.

2) Hunt or capture wild animals collect or take out any of their products.

3) Hunt marine turtles of any species, collect, or extract their eggs or any other product.

4) Scratch, stain, or cause any harm or damage to plants, equipment, or facilities.

5) Sport, artisan, or industrial fishing, except the case provided in the Article ten.

6) Collect or remove corals, shells, rocks or any other product from them.

7) Collect or remove rocks, minerals, fossils or other geological product.

8) Carry fire gangs, spears and any other instrument that can be used to hunt.

9) Introduce exotic animals or plants

10) Cause any environmental pollution

11) Remove stones, sand, gravel, or similar products

12) Feed or water the animals

13) Build electrical or telephone lines, aqueducts and roads or railways.

14) Make any type of commercial, agricultural, or industrial activity

Regulation of public use for Los Angeles Cloud Forest Nature Reserve:

In addition, as part of our commitment to protect the environment, Villa Blanca Hotel and Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve have established a series of regulations of mandatory compliance.

a) It is restricted the use of photographic flash on animals, any other lightning device that disrupts the typical behavior of the species.

b) Our company is free of smoke; therefore, smoking is not allowed to tourists, guides, and drivers during transportation routes and walks in natural areas.

c) Do not create any unnecessary disturbance to wildlife. The use of playback for attracting birds is prohibited.

d) Do not feed and bother wild animals

e) The extraction of geological products, plants, animals and other resources is absolutely prohibited. Likewise, the scientific collections should be managed previously with the Villa Blanca Research Station.

f) It is requested to cooperate with the correct disposal of waste, making proper use of containers and places assigned for it

g) The company has a trail called “self-guided” to the enjoyment of their clients. The access to other natural areas without authorization and guidance of the company is prohibited.

h) It is really appreciated not to bring food to the trails and discard seeds or other vegetal product that can germinate and become invasive in the forest.

Thank you very much for helping us to care for the protected areas, meeting place to learn more about the amazing natural world around us.

Recommendations to visit public places:

a) Clients should take into consideration the following aspects:

b) To interact with people from the communities by trying to speak Spanish as well as participating in local celebrations.

c) If help is required, contact the hotel tourist guide to facilitate the communication with others.

d) Do not give money to persons asking for it in the public street.

e) To participate in “La Feria del Agricultor” and if the clients buy fresh, local products, it helps to increase the national economy.

f) Avoid to take pictures with flash inside religious places as well as to keep the voice down to respect the space of who visit Churches or Cathedrals.

g) Museums often exhibit different types of artworks that can be easily damaged if they are touched; therefore, do not touch any object or works in exhibition.


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