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Why sustainability matters to Greentique Hotels & Villa Blanca Hotel Spa & Wildlife Refuge


At Villa Blanca, comfort and conservation co-exist in harmony, reflecting the commitment of Greentique Hotels to sustainable hospitality. Our profound respect for the natural surroundings and dedication to uncompromising standards of personal service makes a stay at Villa Blanca a truly exceptional Costa Rica experience. Sustainable hospitality involves the hotel in several levels of green operations, including recycling, biodegradable cleaning products energy usage management, and organic gardening. Additionally, its commitment to the community is evidenced in its staff, 95% being local residents who in a reflection of the region’s warm and engaging spirit provide the distinctive, friendly service that is a signature feature of the Villa Blanca guest experience.

The hotel staff is comprised of over 95% local residents of the Canton of San Ramon. The recycle way, reducing our carbon footprint: We have an strict sustainable program that re-cycles hotel waste, produces its own compost, organic pesticides, enhancing native orchid, bromeliad and native plant landscaping programs, and operates its own organic vegetable, medicinal, organic green house. Natural spring water: Villa Blanca receives its water from two wells fed by natural springs that are tested regularly by an accredited – certified laboratory in San Jose, for their quality levels. Biodegradable products: The hotel uses biodegradable cleaning products and avoids the use of chlorine and other harsh chemical cleaners whenever possible. Energy savings: The majority of hotel light fixtures (those that are non-dimming) are low-wattage fluorescents. Although solar energy is very limited in a cloud forest, the entire hotel was converted from electric water heaters to propane, a significant energy efficiency improvement. Share and invite guests to join us: We invite our customers to join our conservation program by cutting back on energy consumption and by sharing what we do with others whenever possible. Please follow posted suggestions on the property.

Purpose of Sustainability Plan:

Main Goal:

Developed under the philosophy of Greentique Hotels, projects and actions that lead us as a team towards the achievement of proposed goals, looking forward to make Villa Blanca Hotel a recognized company, nationally and internationally, for its sustainable initiatives.

Specific Goals:

Communicate the importance, in an internal and external level, of the company Sustainable Programs.
Set goals on how to improve the environment which every year will reflect the positive results of the Sustainability Plan.
Involve the community and the external client in the program, through activities that achieve  awareness about the importance of sustainable development.

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