By Ingrid Ramírez (Research Station) and Karol Villalobos (Sustainability) As part of the social responsibility and as a member of the Certification of Sustainable Tourism, the hotel and green committee try to focus most actions towards conservation and preservation, but most importantly to lean and teach the value and respect the natural environment that surrounds [...]

By Jim Damalas When we began to seriously consider promoting our wedding business at Greentique Hotels, we hired a young and very dedicated Wedding Coordinator, Mariana Carmona, who truly related to the market niche of Millennium Brides, but as much as she was up to date with all the social media, from Pinterest to the [...]

By Roy Valverde Salas La estación de investigación José Miguel Alfaro, en su afán de proyectarse de manera integral al estudio del bosque nuboso que rodea el Hotel Villa Blanca, ha desarrollado una serie de campañas para estimular el apoyo económico de sus visitantes y obtener equipo técnico indispensable para la toma de datos en [...]

By Jim Damalas It’s not often that a hotel can invite their guests to milk a celebrity, and in doing so discover how much fun there is in the process. At Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel and Nature Reserve, one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, we decided to start producing our own organic [...]

By Roy Valverde Salas Due to its efforts in projecting the study of Villa Blanca Hotel Cloud Forest in an integral way, José Miguel Alfaro Research Station has developed a series of campaigns to encourage financial support of its visitors and obtain essential technical equipment for data collection in the field. Thank to the enthusiasm, [...]

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