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  Resplendent Quetzal. The name emanates intrigue and magnificence. Once revered by the Mayas and Aztecs, the Quetzal is a birdwatcher’s “ultimate” target. At 14 inches long it is larger than the common North American avian species. The males are more brightly colored than the females, with iridescent green feathers a bright red breast; the [...]

Costa Rica is one of the most beautifully biodiverse locations in the world, filled with natural streams and rivers, tropical forests and a host of wildlife that can be  easily observed in this peaceful and democratic country the size of half of West Virginia. The Cloud Forest environment is a birder’s paradise and one of the best places [...]

To take a look at the wonderful diversity of birds in the Henri Pittier trail, owned by Villa Blanca Hotel & Cloud Forest Reserve, it is important to know first who Mr. Pittier was. Mr Henri Pittier was a Swiss engineer, geographer, naturalist and botanist, who decided to settle in Costa Rica in 1887. During [...]

By Karla Montero En nuestra reciente participación en Expo Novia, tuve la oportunidad de compartir con varias parejas y noté una duda bastante generalizada: El proceso para casarse por la Iglesia Católica. Asusta, cuando a uno le hablan de la cantidad de pasos a seguir la primera reacción es llevar el estrés al límite e [...]

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