We are always pleased to welcome all our guests with a delicious cocktail of the house, to which we add extra flavor, a 100% national liqour fermented sugar cane: Cacique. Its qualities are so special that it has become the most consumed distilled beverage in Costa Rica, popularly called “4 feathers”, a cultural favorite in [...]

By Jim Damalas Our boutique hotel, Villa Blanca, is now part of Greentique Hotels here in Costa Rica. The property was part of the dairy farm that belonged before to former president, Rodrigo Carazo, who had originally built the Hacienda for his family, along with some cabins for guests. His vision included the protection of [...]

Siempre nos complace recibir a todos nuestros huéspedes con un delicioso coctel de la casa, al cual le agregamos un sabor extra, 100% nacional: el guaro Cacique, sus cualidades son tan especiales que se ha convertido en la bebida destilada más consumida en Costa Rica, popularmente llamado “4 plumas”, el invitado por excelencia en las [...]

Costa Rica weddings I started on a young age to plan destination weddings for different couples, from all ages, cities, etc, but they all have something in common, they use Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Magazine as their guide. Now a few years later I have the pleasure to do weddings for two amazing properties, Villa [...]

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