By Jim Damalas

Our boutique hotel, Villa Blanca, is now part of Greentique Hotels here in Costa Rica. The property was part of the dairy farm that belonged before to former president, Rodrigo Carazo, who had originally built the Hacienda for his family, along with some cabins for guests.

His vision included the protection of over 2000 acres of virgin cloud forest that was named the Los Angeles Cloud Forest Private Biological Reserve that is part of the backdrop of our hotel.

Costa Rica Hotel

Costa Rica Hotel

With the influence of our neighbors, primarily who are in agriculture, and over 90% of our hotel staff from these same local communities of the same canton of San Ramon, we are truly an authentic representation of hospitality that evolved from the many rural communities that have made up the nation of Costa Rica today.

With our mountain hotel, along with our sister hotels, we’ve gradually evolved into both an international boutique hotel that follows our mission of Sustainable Hospitality with our own farm to table products that are part of the recipes of our popular restaurant, El Sendero.

There’s our celebrity cows, Madonna, Britney and Lady Gaga, who get milked daily by our farm hands, along with our guest volunteers, providing the fresh dairy products we serve to both our guests and in our employee cafeteria.

Also there’s with fresh farm eggs, and garden vegetables complemented by many items from local farmers in the Central Market who we support. Not only have we discovered just how much more important for our guests to see where we produce part of each meal we serve them, but that the flavors and minimum carbon footprint achieved seem to make our gourmet dishes even more valuable and responsible too!

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