By Jim Damalas

It’s not often that a hotel can invite their guests to milk a celebrity, and in doing so discover how much fun there is in the process. At Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel and Nature Reserve, one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, we decided to start producing our own organic dairy products a few years ago, and now, besides producing our own fresh milk, yogurt and cheeses for our hotel guests and staff, we are also providing a very special experience for adults, as well as kids of all ages, who get to milk our celebrity cows every morning at our dairy farm within the hotel’s 75 acres located in San Ramon de Alajuela.


We started by naming our first heifer, Madonna, and next it was Britney, and finally Lady Gaga joined the celeb threesome. All have provided us several offspring’s, and when the kids try to figure out which Tit has chocolate or strawberry milk, our ladies are very patient with those tiny fingers pulling at their udders.

As a member of Greentique Hotels, part of our mission is to provide authentic culture as well as knowledgeable experiences encouraging our guests to discover, in this particular program, part of where there food comes from as one example of how our “farm-to-table” ingredients in the menu of El Sendero Restaurant at Villa Blanca assures not only the local chef’s gourmet talents, but also healthy and sustainable practices reducing our carbon footprint with many of our own food farm products as well as from many other local resources.

The results have therefore been quite positive by offering truly exceptional Costa Rican experiences to capture memories to perhaps last a lifetime.

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