One of the unique aspects of Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel that makes staying here such a unique experience is found at the end of our full name  “…and Nature Reserve.”

Thanks to the a shared vision with President Rodrigo Carazo and First Lady, Dona Estrella Zeledon de Carazo, Villa Blanca now operates in harmony with nature, surrounded by 2,000 acres of one of the most unique and precious ecosystems in the world — the cloud forest.

Known locally as “El Silencio de Los Angeles,” we are the stewards of The Los Angeles Cloud Forest Private Biological Reserve, located in the central highlands of the Canton of San Ramon de Alajuela.  Given that only 1% of the world’s remaining woodlands are cloud forests, we take seriously the responsibility to protect this one, a duty that is core to the Greentique Hotels commitment to sustainable hospitality.

Villa Blanca has several kilometers of user-friendly interpretive trails, with unique day and night excursions into the cloud forest led by highly knowledgeable nature interpreters so you can better experience the teeming biodiversity within this spectacular habitat.

And the cloud forest experience gets better.  You can see first hand the on-going research conducted at Villa Blanca’s Research Station. Several years of biodiversity investigation by INBio, begun by the Institute of Biodiversity, have led to discoveries and insights on the lives and roles of butterflies, moths, and some other truly exotic plant and animal species in the area.

What’s equally amazing is that this immersive cloud forest experience is only about 60 km from San Jose’s International Airport. We’re just above San Ramon, the “City of the Poets,” which means a visit  to this remarkable cloud forest sanctuary is more convenient that you might think.

Villa Blanca has become known as a more intimate and far less crowed alternative to Monteverde, with an inventory of flora and fauna similar to what you’ll find in the National Park.  Understandably, Monteverde represents a considerable investment —six or seven hours in a van and a chunk of money, which for many people, means a big bite out of their holiday itinerary and so they miss the cloud forest experience entirely.  And that’s a shame.

Villa Blanca has helped make San Ramon and the Los Angeles Cloud Forest a brilliant new destination on the Costa Rican tourist map, ideal for nature lovers, honeymooners, and families. The collective feedback from our guests assures us that we’re exceeding guest expectations, showing them a Costa Rica they didn’t know existed, and adding value to their vacation, even with just a day visit.

A Villa Blanca stay includes beautifully appointed accommodations, sumptuous regional cuisine, a relaxing spa, and lots of other great amenities. As part of Greentique Hotels, a unique family of nature-based boutique hotels and resorts in Costa Rica,  I believe we’re able to help nature-loving people “travel well and travel right” in Costa Rica.