Cloud Forest Bird Watching Tour

  • Destination: Cloud Forest

With approximately 906 recorded bird species in Costa Rica, the country boasts one-tenth of the species of the world’s total bird population. So if birding is your passion, here´s your chance to set off in the cool morning air of the hotel´s cloud forest and gentle sloping pastures on a quest to spot your share of the more than 250 local species, including endemic birds such as the Orange-bellied Trogon (Trogon aurantiiventris), Coppery headed Emerald (Elvira cupreiceps), and dozens of other. Birds that all but disappeared other areas still find sanctuary in some of the protected parts of the property, even as many species face extinction from continued
deforestation. Costa Rica conservation efforts are offering new hope for such rare jewels of the bird world as the Quetzals, featured in one of our seasonal tours, and Scarlet Macaws, now both protected in the National Parks & Nature Reserves of Costa Rica.

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What This Tour Includes:
Professional bilingual guide.

Hiking shoes, camera, long pants, a light jacket or poncho, binoculars and water.

Easy to Moderate.

6 to 12 – half rate.

2 Hours (Approx)

2 Adults

Pickup Time:
Anytime between 6:15 a.m. and 8:15 a.m. According to availability.

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