Cloud Forest Day & Night Tours

  • Destination: Cloud Forest
  • Price: $26

Walk around with your head in the clouds as you step into … the heart of the cloud forest with our Nature Interpreters who will unveil a secret world of rich tropical life along well-designed user-friendly trails. Located within the hotel property, and surrounded by the Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve, each designated trail was chosen to showcase a variety of tropical flora and fauna in this incredibly diverse biosphere, part of only 2.5 % of the planet’s remaining cloud forests.

If you’re looking for the region’s wildest nightlife, the cloud forest transforms like no other habitat in the world. Night is when the cloud forest breathes; with layers of the sweet fragrances of nocturnal plants and flowers, filled with the music of nature’s most spectacular symphony as the voices of millions of life forms fill the cool night air. You’ll discover a world rarely seen by visitors to other parts of Costa Rica.

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What This Tour Includes:

Professional bilingual guide and visit to research station.

Hiking shoes, camera, long pants, a light jacket or poncho, water.

Easy to moderate.

6 to 12 – half rate

2 Hours (Approx)

$26 per person

Pickup Time:
Villa Blanca Day tours from 8:30am and 3pm. Night tour at 6:00 pm

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