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  • Destination: San Ramon

Voices of Nature Spa Treatments: At Voices of Nature Spa we are dedicated to providing a comfortable atmosphere for healing care, utilizing many natural ingredients from our own local gardens here in Costa Rica. Our staff is experienced at massaging away sore muscles and reducing stress to enhance relaxation and rejuvenate positive energy bringing even more enjoyment to your holiday experience in “Harmony with Nature”.

Sorry but late arrivals to appointments result in shorter treatment times. Cancellations within 6 hours of appointments are charged full amount if not rescheduled within 24 hours. Special Spa Offers can change without advance notice. Appointments available between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. seven days a week.

For spa reservations: or call us at +506-2461-0300 Concierge ext. 153 or Toll Free at 1 (877) 256-8399

  • Facial Treatments
  • Massages
  • Muds & Wraps
  • Scrubs & Lava Rock

Organic Chamomile Facial: This treatment is designed to help relieve inflammation, soothe the skin and also promotes cell generation by using a Chamomile Tonic as a natural calming to rejuvenate you, while accompanied by a massage of hands and legs for added relaxation. Your skin will feel as soft and fresh as the cloud mist that surrounds you.

Price: $74.00 / 50 min

Here are some of the variety of massages that Voices of Nature Spa offers their clients:

Voices of Nature Swedish Massage
This signature treatment combines traditional “Swedish” massage techniques that melt away stress. Take advantage of Villa Blanca’s tranquil atmosphere to compliment a treatment of optimum relaxation and feel like you’re floating in the clouds.

Price: $75.00 / 50 min

Deep Tissue Cloud Forest Massage
A deeper and more focused massage on areas that need more attention. A great choice after hiking the nature trails, or surviving an adrenaline adventure. Let us take on those particular sore muscles and provide the stress relief to enhance another perfect day with the serene embrace of the “Silence of Angels” of cloud forest mist.

Price: $84.00/ 50 min

El Colibrí Aromatherapy Massage
This ritual will energize your senses, providing a feeling of complete comfort and peace, harmonizing the very essence of your soul with the silent mist of the cloud forest. Enjoy a relaxing body massage with the natural essences of aromatic oils specially blended by our spa therapists.

Price: $96.00 / 60 min

Angels Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A light-touch massage technique that follows the lymphatic pathways for great detoxification that both reduces swelling and eliminates toxins.

Price: $86.00 /50min

Silence of Angels Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
Starting with a back massage, followed by key points from the neck, working down to your shoulders applying tarragon organic oils. Taking you to a degree of relaxation that will tantalize your entire body. Each step in the process is with deep massage techniques. You’ll feel like a bit of heaven on earth that’s great for anyone who especially likes to get pampered.

Price: $55.00 / 30 min

Here are the muds & wraps that Cala Spa offers their clients:

Chocolate & Mint Body Wrap
Indulge in a sensational chocolate and mint wrap with antioxidants and moisturizing properties that will leave your body feeling renewed and ready for another day of adventures or just chilling out on your own private balcony with the botanical gardens and cloud forest that surround you.

Price: $80.00 / 60 min

Yogurt, Oats & Honey Wrap
Enjoy and nourish your skin with the properties of yogurt, honey and oats. Restore and soften your skin and you’ll reward yourself while by relaxing with the expertise of Voices of Nature Spa technicians.

Price $80.00 / 60 min

The Volcanic Mud Treatment
Experience the healing properties of mineral enriched volcanic mud. First relax with a moisturizing massage of creams and oils especially designed by Voices of Nature Spa. Entrust yourself to our therapists while they wrap you into a cocoon with the treatment of volcanic mud to detoxify your entire body and help to also increase mobility while you feel like your floating in the clouds.

Price $95.00 / 80 min

Here are the scrubs that Cala Spa offers their clients:

Cloud Forest Herbs Salt Scrub
A combination of organically grown lemon grass with relaxing and stimulating properties that also counters respiratory ailments and regenerates skin cells combined with spearmint that stimulates and tones the skin, and also refreshes.

Price: $70.00 / 50 min

Villa Blanca’s Coffee Scrub
Exfoliate your body with a rich aromatic treatment and remove dead skin cells while rejuvenating your body. Refresh and hydrate your skin with this original scrub process that will fill your day with renewed energy in harmony with the peaceful serenity of Los Ángeles Cloud Forest Reserve.

Price: $70.00 / 50 min

Arenal Volcanic Lava Rock Therapy
Specially heated volcanic stones carefully placed on key muscle areas provide deep therapeutic bliss hard to describe in words. This Lava Rock treatment is perfect for melting away sore muscles, providing pure relaxation that reaches deep into your muscles with comfort and warmth worth repeating the next day before or after time spent in our steam room & whirlpool bath.

Price: $112.00 / 80 min.

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